Hearts, Hearts, and Stars

I made sugar cookies yesterday. I recently bought some heart shaped cookie cutters and since its the season for hearts, I used them. However, I didn’t want to use just hearts. I needed another shape…just to see what how I could decorate them. So I made stars. 🙂 I have a limited supply of cookie cutters right now. It’s Christmas cutters and the new hearts and a few mini butterflies and flowers (which I also made but didn’t decorate) and Christmasy ones just didn’t seem right. But stars aren’t just for Christmas; they are for anytime you want. So anyway, I made the cookies and I decorated them in a variety of ways.

First I made “Owl Always Love You” cookies, inspired by these over at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle (one of my favorite cookie blogs, she is crazy talented)

Note the missed eyebrows on that back one. I guess I’m not as detailed oriented as I should be. These are decorated with buttercream (as are all the cookies I’m posting today). I’m a little afraid to try royal icing right now which means I can’t fill the background of them in the same way as Sugarbelle did hers but they still turn out super cute. I tried these cookies last week treating the buttercream in a similar way to royal icing but it didn’t quite work…

So anyway, I also made these cute Cat Cookies (note the missing whiskers on a couple, I really need to pay more attention 🙂 )

And these are some Talking Hearts:

The way these hearts are shaped, they remind me of the talking bubbles in comics and so I wanted them express some Valentine’s Day sentiments.

And here is a random assortment, a couple bows and a small rose with polka dots:

And these are my favorites! They are decorated with brushed embroidery flowers:Brush Embroidery Hearts

And last but not least, the stars:

Here I wanted to try piping a swirly design. It wasn’t easy and I need a lot more practice but that’s okay, I’m up for the challenge.


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