Spring Break Treats – Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Last week was full of fun and baking. My family was here for Spring Break and for once we were able to do some fun stuff in the area. I was really excited to be able to bake a bunch of stuff. I made chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, lemon poppy seed muffins, caramel sauce, red velvet cheesecake, and blueberry cobbler pie for Pi Day (it was really just cobbler but since it was Pi day everyone called it pie so I called it cobbler pie). As you can see I made a lot! Everything was great but some of the recipes need tweaking so over the next week or so I will show you the ones I liked and hopefully, eventually, I will show you the ones that need the tweaking.

So the easiest of the treats to make, and the quickest to disappear, were the Chocolate Covered Pretzels. I made these because my brother-in-law loves them. They were a hit with everyone.

As you can see I used big pretzel rods and pretzel twists. The process is very simple. You melt chocolate chips in a bowl set over a pot of water. Heat the water on low so it simmers while you are working. Throw in a tablespoon of shortening for each cup of chocolate chips you melt. I don’t know why, it’s what they tell you to do :). I don’t actually measure out my chocolate chips, I just throw in half a bag or a whole bag and it works.

I use two different bowls so I can melt the milk chocolate and the white chocolate at the same time, and have found that this smaller, ceramic bowl works a ton better than my larger metal bowl. Once the chocolate is melted, you dip the pretzel in the chocolate. I hold the pretzels in the bowl and spoon the chocolate over it because it is easier to get an even coat. The tap off the excess and put it on a cookie sheet lined with wax or parchment paper. Then the pretzels go in the fridge for awhile and that’s all it takes.

It’s a pretty simple process. Takes a bit of time but chocolate and pretzels are so yummy together. I also added a bit of food coloring to some of my white chocolate to change it up a bit. It altered the consistency of the chocolate a bit, which was weird, but they were still great.


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