Playing with Candy

So I started this post a couple weeks ago and the procrastination won again… seems right on schedule for me though :/ (I swear I’m going to try to do better!!)

Some weeks ago, I was at the airport and I picked up a copy of Better Homes and Gardens.  Whenever I go to the airport, I usually pick up a magazine just not that one.  This time, however, I couldn’t find a Glamour and I didn’t like who was on the cover of Self so I grabbed a BHG.  I was pretty glad I did because there were a couple recipes I could try the next weekend for my sister’s birthday cake. I was pretty excited to make my little sister a cake and it turned out pretty cute.

I was really excited to try the recipe for Candy Clay, which is what the flowers, butterflys, and letter are made of. Candy Clay is just corn syrup and white chocolate mixed together. It’s really simple to make and is very sweet. It was pretty soft though which made it a bit difficult to work with. This could have been because I made it in a very humid, hot area. The butterflies were especially difficult to do so I only made two but it was definately an interesting experience. To make the candy clay, you melt a 12 oz. package of white chocolate chips and then mix in 1/3 cup corn syrup. Once it’s all mixed together you let it sit for atleast an hour. You are suppsed to wrap it in plastic wrap but I didn’t have any so I put it in a container which didn’t help it firm up so in the end I left it out to air dry. Then when you want to use it, sprinkle your work surface with powdered sugar and roll it out and cut shapes or cover your cake as would with fondant (something I have never used and I’m not sure I want to try). I think next time I will try adding less corn syrup to see if it will firm up more. I also used the clay to decorate some cucpcakes for my older sister since her birthday is also in May.

Here, I shaped the candy clay as I would normal clay. On the cake, I rolled the clay out and hand cut the letters and numbers. I think I prefer the second method but I need some cutters to that the letters and numbers come out more even and neat. I will definately try this out again, with some tweaks, so I can see what else I can make with it. But I’m glad I got a chance to make two of my sisters something yummy for their birthdays and I think my sister’s enjoyed their cake/cupcakes which was what was really important. 🙂


One thought on “Playing with Candy

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Loved your creation , so lovely! =)

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